How to start a perfume Business in Dubai in 2022?

Do you want to start your own perfume business in Dubai? Then this guide on how to start a perfume business in Dubai in 2022 is for you. The focus will tell you how to register your perfume business, select and produce the best perfume, find potential customers, and so on. If you follow the steps in this guide, by 2022, your perfume business will be ready to start making money!

Here is the complete guide to starting a perfume business in Dubai. 

perfume Business in Dubai
perfume Business in Dubai

Choose a Target Market

When it comes to finding a target market for your perfume business, there are many different things that you will want to consider. One of the first decisions you will need to make is where you plan to open your shop. 

If you want to get into speciality shops like department stores or boutique clothing stores, it would be beneficial to focus on a particular style of perfume and specific regions like Europe or South America.

Set Budget

In 2022, the estimated per capita income was more than $68,000. Additionally, Dubai is a cosmopolitan city with an ever-increasing population. This makes the perfume business ideal for those who want to start a fragrance business there.

Here are some things you should know before starting a perfume business in Dubai

For a company to succeed, it needs resources. Building a perfume business will require time, dedication, money, and networking. With careful planning, you will be able to find the right talent and materials necessary to get your enterprise off the ground.

 You first need a sound, thought-out business plan with an estimated cost. Fixing the budget for every business in Dubai is very necessary. Because, as we think, Dubai’s business output is much better, as more investment is also required for a better business in Dubai.

Dubai can’t give you the best output until you put in all your strategies and effort. Because doing business in Dubai means doing business in an international city. You’re connecting yourself with an international town. We already discuss much importance of Dubai in our existing articles.

Create an Initial Product List

The list of initial products will depend on the type of perfume that you want to sell. Remember that a successful and profitable perfume business requires more than just providing the right scent. Consumers will only buy your product if they like the style, packaging, and price.

Because you’re developing a new brand in Dubai, having a good look for your product is more necessary.

Register at the Dubai Chamber of Commerce

As a new company, you are required to register your company with the appropriate trade association. Be sure to visit the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry website, which provides complimentary registration information. If you want help, it is advised that you seek assistance from an expert agency that specializes in registering companies, such as Rizka Business Consultants.

Below you can watch out the video for a better understanding.

How to register a Business in Dubai

Get Licenses and Certificates

To sell perfumes or beauty products, you need several licenses and certificates. One of the first items on your list should be getting a business license from the Department of Economic Development (DED), which includes registering your name and obtaining permits from the Ministry of Health.

Find Suppliers and Manufacturers

FIND SUPPLIERS: You can find suppliers through the usual web directories and by visiting trade fairs, conferences, and exhibitions. 

FIND MANUFACTURERS: You must speak to manufacturers before you go ahead and start your own business. This will help you get a feel for what they do, what they specialize in, and whether or not they would be interested in helping you with your venture.

Set Up Shop

When you’ve established the right product, research the market and find out if it’s a niche that isn’t being served well.

  • Start looking for raw materials at reputable suppliers.
  • Find a good factory with reliable, efficient workers who can make what you need.
  • Find a retail outlet or storefront where people will come in contact with your products and see them firsthand.

Learn how to sell your perfume products online

Selling your perfume products online may not be the most lucrative endeavour, but it can still be profitable. Selling online will take more time and effort, especially when marketing your perfume products. But there are several ways you can maximize your chances of success when selling perfume products online:

1. Create a great site that captures your target customer’s attention

2. Share links on social media with various groups that would be interested in your brand 

3. Keep relevant content on your site

4. Encourage blog posts about the niche and target other bloggers who might want to do guest posts for you

5. Use lists like 101 Fragrances That Capture Winter or 10 Scents To Remember In Summer


To help prepare you for opening a perfume business in Dubai, here are some of the most important steps you’ll need to take. As you embark on this process, remember that establishing connections and remaining patient will be crucial for your success.

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