The 5 best online stores for wholesale furniture

When you’re looking to furnish your home or office with high-quality furniture at wholesale prices, it can be helpful to know which online stores are the best in their field. The right store should be able to provide competitive rates, quality service, and an experience that doesn’t leave you feeling frustrated. Whether you’re searching for affordable couches, stylish tables, or sturdy desks and chairs, these five online stores have proven themselves time and again as the best places to shop if you’re looking for wholesale furniture online.

The best 5 online whole-sale furniture stores are:

  •       Pacific coast bedding:

At Pacific Coast Bedding, you can find everything from contemporary and modern bedroom furniture to outdoor patio furniture. They specialize in affordable prices and quality products, ensuring a pleasant shopping experience for their customers. From bed frames to nightstands to dressers, if you’re looking for wholesale bedroom furniture, Pacific Coast Bedding is a great place to start. They even offer free shipping on select items! One of their most popular product categories is bunk beds—they have an excellent selection available on their website, so check them out!

  • Wayfair wholesale furniture store:

Wayfair offers an expansive inventory of home goods. They have a broad range of products available, from furniture to decorative home items. Wayfair also has plenty of delivery options available, with shipping prices varying depending on how much you buy and where you live. So if you’re looking to stock up on some new drapes without breaking your budget, then Wayfair is probably one of your best options. Make sure to check out their sales before buying anything, though! You might find that same great sofa at half off its usual price—that could be a deal worth jumping on! Where: Wayfair is accessible online as well as through its app on iOS and Android devices. They also have a physical presence in many retail locations across America, including Canada.

  • Overstock online wholesale furniture store:

One of Overstock’s best-selling categories is furniture. The company sells discounted pieces from top brands like Broyhill, Lane, and More, as well as from lesser-known makers. If you’re looking to furnish your entire home, Overstock can help, with deals on kitchen sets, bedroom suites, and more. Just about every type of furniture you can think of is available at deep discounts here. At sale prices starting at just $40 per item, you don’t have to think twice about quality when shopping with Overstock.

  • Josh and Main wholesale furniture store:

Based in New York City, Joss & Main is a high-end furniture company that offers hundreds of unique items from dozens of different brands. Because it is an online retailer only, most of its products are flat-packed or otherwise easy to assemble. The store’s selection includes everything from couches and dressers to coffee tables and bed frames—but if you’re looking for something more out-of-the-ordinary, don’t worry: Joss & Main sells exotic pieces like Lazy Boy recliners and Monarch Chairs, too. As an added bonus, they offer free shipping on all purchases over $49; considering how large most of their pieces are, that can add up quickly!

  • Hickory chair wholesale furniture store:

Hickory Chair is a great resource if you’re looking to purchase wholesale furniture at affordable prices. If you’re selling furniture wholesale, they offer affordable shipping options and competitive prices. Additionally, they also have products such as sofas, ottomans, coffee tables, and more in stock. Hickory Chair works hard to make sure that its inventory is vast enough to satisfy your needs as well as interesting enough to give your customers something different than what everyone else has. They sell everything from classic furniture designs like traditional chairs and sofas to trendy contemporary pieces with bright colors and unique patterns. You can find out more about Hickory Chair by checking out their website or visiting them on Facebook.


The best place to buy cheap furniture is on a wholesale website. Usually, if you need to ask how much furniture costs, you can’t afford it. The prices at wholesale sites are far lower than at retail stores; it is because retailers have to cover their operating costs and make a profit. However, buying from a wholesale site saves time and money because one has all options in front of them. The top five we’ve suggested above are our favorites based on their low prices and a large variety of product offerings. If you want an amazing bargain while still getting high-quality items, these are the online stores that will give you exactly what you want at a fraction of what it would cost in-store.

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