Walmart Money Order Limit 2024

Walmart Money Order service is considered best when paying or sending money to someone if it’s urgent. You need to know the limits for a smooth Walmart money order transaction.

We’ll explore Walmart Money Order Limit in this blog post so you’ll understand how this financial tool works.

How do Walmart Money Orders Work?

Before getting to Walmart’s money order limit, let’s quickly get what money orders are and how they differ from everyday bank transactions. Compared to cash or checks, it’s a paper document representing a certain amount of money.

Walmart Money Order Limit Explained

At Walmart, there are two kinds of limits:

1.     General Limits

A Walmart money order can hold a certain amount. It’s for safety’s sake and to stop bad things from happening. These limits act as a safety net for sending and receiving funds.

2.     Special Circumstances

Sometimes, Walmart might be more flexible with money order limits if you have a lot of money to move or special requests. But there’s a catch – everything needs to be double-checked. The purpose of this is to provide an additional layer of security for the sake of keeping things straight and honest.

In other words, if you’re in a situation and need more flexibility with the money order limit, don’t worry about it. You may need to take some additional steps to confirm the security of your information. When it comes to larger amounts or unique needs, it’s about ensuring everyone plays fair.

Walmart Money Order Limit

Walmart Money Orders

To make an informed decision about Walmart’s money orders, it is essential to know their limit. Walmart money orders have a $1,000 limit as of January 2022. The maximum value of a Walmart money order is $1,000.


Walmart charges a small fee for money orders. Checking with your local Walmart about this fee is a good idea because it can change. By knowing the fee, you’ll know how much your money transaction will cost, making things clear and simple.

Process of Buying              

You can purchase money orders either through a physical Walmart store or online.

·       The In-Store Purchase

When you go to Walmart, you can easily get a money order. Just go to any Walmart and find the financial services desk (it’s usually near the front), ask for a money order, provide the info they need, and pay.

The money order process is all done there. But there’s a limit to how much money you can put in one money order. To ensure everything goes smoothly, keep an eye on that limit at the store. It’s easy! Follow these steps, and you’ll have your money order ready quickly!

·       Online Purchase

Walmart being a big brand, it makes sense that they do let people utilize their money order service. All you have to do is go to Walmart’s official website and navigate their money order section. They will ask you to physically come to the store or use their money gram service.

You can then decide on whatever suits you best. Just like with their physical store purchasing money order experience, you’ll need to go through some of their required procedure to get a money order safely. Also, it’s important to remember that there will be no extra charges for the online process.

Walmart Money Order Policy

It’s a small step to ensure a smooth and secure transaction.

·       You’ve got to have a valid ID.

To ensure everything is legit, Walmart might ask for ID when buying a money order. It’s a security check. If you’re getting a money order, ensure you have a valid ID.

You can use your driver’s license or another official ID. The ID rules are important, and Walmart keeps things secure by following them. Ensure you’ve got the right ID before you get your money order.

Payment Methods: Easy Ways to Pay for Your Money Order

It’s easy to pay for a money order at Walmart. There are two main options:

·       Cash:

Buying a money order can be done with cash. Give Walmart the money order amount and the small fee, and they’ll do the rest.

·       Debit Card:

Debit cards are another easy way to pay. You swipe it and enter your PIN. You can pay this way without having to carry cash.

It’s important to remember that you can’t buy a Walmart money order with a credit card. Money orders don’t normally accept credit cards.

Make it easy on yourself at the Walmart counter by keeping it simple with cash or your debit card.

Recipient Information: Making Sure It’s Right

When buying a money order at Walmart, you must tell them who the money is for. Here’s what you need to do:

·       Provide Correct Details:

At the Walmart counter, tell them who gets the money order. Make sure it’s spelled right and has the right info. Getting this info right is super important because if it’s wrong, it could cause problems.

·       Double-Check:

Double-check the recipient’s info before you finalize the purchase. Make sure everything is clear, and the address is correct. The first time you get it right, you won’t have any headaches later. It’s like sending a letter to the right person.

Making sure you give the correct information might seem small, but it ensures your money order gets to the right person. Take a second to check the details, and you’ll have a smooth and hassle-free transaction.

Benefits of Using Walmart Money Orders

It’s easy to get a money order at Walmart because they’ve got stores everywhere. Walmart is super easy to find. It’s super convenient for important money stuff. Easy access lets you handle money matters in a familiar and reliable place.

·       Cost-Effective Option

Walmart money orders are often cheaper than other payment options. Let’s talk about how they’re affordable and can save you money.

Money orders from Walmart aren’t expensive, so they’re good for your wallet. Most of the time, they have lower fees than other options. Walmart keeps it simple and your wallet happy instead of paying more with online transfers or traditional banks.

Walmart money orders give you more savings than just the price. It’s easy to buy them at Walmart without extra fees. There’s no complicated setup, so you’ll save time and energy.

Walmart money orders are also accepted everywhere, so they’re convenient. Because of this widespread acceptance, you can avoid pricier payment methods in different situations.

With Walmart money orders, you get a safe way to pay and a smart way to save money. Making money decisions that fit your budget and work well for your everyday needs can be easy when you check out how affordable they are and the possible savings.

Tips for a Seamless Money Order

Here are some tips that will help you out in your money order process:

·      Plan for Smooth Transactions

Ensure you know how much you need before buying a Walmart Money Order. Doing this lets you stay within Walmart’s limits, so everything runs smoothly.

You won’t make mistakes when you plan, and your transaction will go smoothly.

Being prepared helps you and makes the whole process easier. You can give the right information when you plan rather than decide at the last minute.

You can also manage your money better if you plan. You’ll stay on budget if you know how much you will spend on the Money Order. Ensure you know how much you’ll spend to stay within budget. Planning can make your Walmart Money Order transaction easy and trouble-free.

·       Splitting Money Orders: A Simple Solution

Here’s a simple trick: break it up if you need more than Walmart allows in one Money Order. You’ll reach your money goals, and Walmart’s rules will be complied with.

There are some good points to this way. Firstly, each Money Order stays within its limit, so there are no problems. Plus, you can organize your money with little envelopes for different parts.

You can split a Money Order into a few if you need more money. This is a great way to get what you need while following Walmart’s rules.

Possible Drawbacks

Here are a few things to remember when using Walmart money orders. So, let’s talk about what’s not so great and the limits you need to know. Knowing these things will help you manage your money better.

Although Walmart money orders are safe, it might be hard to figure out where the money went if something needs to be fixed. Walmart tries to keep money order fees low, but there might be a fee. Check before you use Walmart money orders since not all places accept them. And finally, if you lose a Walmart money order or someone takes it, you might have trouble getting your money back.

Making good choices and using Walmart money orders in a way that fits your needs is easier when you know about these potential problems. You can’t expect every money service to be perfect, but you can stay in control if you know what to expect.


In today’s exclusive guide on Walmart’s money order limit, we covered everything you need to consider. The limit of $1000 is fairly reasonable, and as per their website, the charges are less than a dollar.

So it’s not only very cheap to use Walmart’s money order, but also very easy for the person to receive it at the other end. Overall, their customer service is great, and knowing their limits and procedures is an easy way to go!

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