Why Chinese Sofa Manufacturers Taking over the World

Chinese sofa manufacturers are taking over the world, and you’re either going to join the bandwagon or be left behind in their dust. Yes, this may sound like an over-the-top statement, but it’s true; we have seen this trend gaining momentum year after year, and it isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Chinese manufacturers have managed to take hold of various global markets and aren’t slowing down any time soon. The question then becomes – Why? Why are Chinese sofas taking over the world?

Complete guidance of Chinese Sofa Manufacturing success:

Made by Chinese hands:

Many of us have heard that labour in China is cheap, but we may not know all of its benefits. For one thing, it’s abundant. There are more than enough skilled labourers to fulfil any demand for manufacturing. For another, workers tend to be extremely diligent and highly motivated by a competitive wage and a high standard of living – which can make your products stand out in a big way. Additionally, they know how to run fast-paced assembly lines without sacrificing quality – something Westerners take decades to perfect. And finally, their workers tend to be multilingual: English is quickly becoming required for business English and functional literacy skills at home; you won’t need translators!

Shorter lead times:

When choosing a sofa, how much lead time do you want? For mass-produced furniture, your options are usually limited to 4–6 weeks or 12–14 weeks. It might sound like it doesn’t make much difference when you’re shopping online and just looking for something new to fill your living room. However, once you factor in shipping times and delays during production (like a factory shutting down because of bad weather), you can quickly discuss a three-month lead time on an order. That makes it hard to buy something quickly if you aren’t happy with it—and even harder to find someone else who wants your used furniture if you change your mind.

The innovative design of Chinese sofa manufacturers:

Innovation is key in any field. If you’re planning to open a sofa factory, it’s essential to be innovative and offer consumers more than they could get elsewhere. In China, quality materials can be found at incredibly low prices—if you know where to look. One of China’s greatest exports isn’t its factories or other businesses; it’s furniture. The fact that an upholstered chair made their costs so little has gotten westerners interested in taking advantage of these affordable options. Nowadays, with online stores and companies like Alibaba, anyone can buy directly from these Chinese manufacturers for low prices—and many western entrepreneurs have begun to do just that.

Sustainability of Chinese manufacturers

One of China’s earliest advantages in manufacturing was its large labour force. With a population of nearly 1.4 billion people, wages were low, and new workers could be easily trained to operate assembly lines on various products. But labour costs have steadily risen in China for many years, making it more expensive than ever to produce goods in factories there. Because of their rapidly climbing labour costs, many Chinese manufacturers are beginning to move their operations overseas, most notably to India and Africa (where wages remain low). As these factories begin churning out knock-offs at fast rates and vast quantities, they’re often called export factories rather than factories—as they export very little to local markets.

Faster deliveries of Chinese manufacturing:

It’s no secret that manufacturing in China is efficient. For decades, foreign companies have looked to China to quickly and cheaply source their products. On the one hand, there are many benefits to manufacturing your product in China, including cost savings. If you manufacture your products in China, you can save about 30% of what it would cost if you manufacture your goods domestically. That’s pretty significant. Additionally, it will take far less time for your products to get from the manufacturer to a consumer – if you choose to go with a Chinese manufacturer, they will ship your finished product straight from their factory! What could be better than that?

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